Sequoia Big Side Table by Brabbu



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As time passes by, everything grows old. Yet, the act of aging is one of the most remarkable processes that the human being can witness. It’s in this process that born the living room furniture piece SEQUOIA. This small side table is the representation of the largest and tallest trees in the world, that take years to grow at its maximum high that overcome the 100 meters. The small side table SEQUOIA's table top is made in walnut root veneer with matte finish to show the passage of time. This living room furniture piece has a base in brass with aged patina, recalling SEQUOIA tree shape.

Technical Info

Width 47 cm | 18,50" 
Diameter 47 cm | 18,50" 
Height 52 cm | 20,50"

Product Features

Table top in walnut root veneer with gloss finish, base in brass with aged patina.


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