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As an essential piece of any modern living room, a lounge sofa is the furniture piece where we choose to relax an enjoy some time. NAU - a velvet sofa inspired in the first ships that crossed the Atlantic to America suits perfect in a modern living room. The two peaks on the ack of NAU sofa, recall the sails of the ship, bringing the feeling of adventure and discovery to your living room set. A velvet sofa with a vintage finish and a base in wengue, NAU invites you to sit and make your own adventure in the comfort of your modern living room.

Technical Info

Width 230 cm | 90,5” 
Diameter 93 cm | 36,6” 
Height 94 cm | 37”

Product Features

Fabric: Cotton velvet 
Fabric reference: BB MOSS I - Colour 51 
Fabric needed: 14,5 mts | 570,86” (Standard width 1,40mts | 55”) 
Base: Matte wengue


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