Dukono 2 Seat Sofa by Brabbu



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DUKONO, one of Indonesia´s most active volcanoes, incorporates an unpredictable strengh. The same streng- th this two seat sofa resembles the solidified magma turned into rock, as the reddish tacks recall traces of the incandescent lava. DUKONO two seat sofa suits perfectly in a modern home decor. With a strong attitude in its synthetic leather fabric DUKONO two seat sofa will make a statement in any modern home decor that embraces it.

Technical Info

Width 130 cm | 51,18” 
Diameter 82 cm | 32,3” 
Height 110 cm | 43,3”

Product Features

Fabric: Synthetic leather 
Fabric Reference: BB LERIDA I Colour 10 
Fabric needed: 14,00 mts | 551,2” (Standard width 1,40mts | 55”) 
Legs: Black matte lacquered 
Nails: Aged gold


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